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To be registered in the Google search engine
with men - Submit your URL address in the
URL in their
how this bias but does not always help
In andalkan, because google does not own
may add to each site so do not wonder
If it is less then optimal
Way that is registered with the connected
lainyang the site is registered with the
Google. With this when Google's spider mengun
jungi to update your site, then it
Will take the link to your site
to register his method is not
Of successful but many sites that pro results
this way

Registered to the YAHOO & MSN
HOW NYA here

Most of the websites listed on yahoo and MSN
terspider from the site because other sites means
if you are connected or from the site or terlink
web directory, yahoo and msn robot akan find
your site to search index updater
if you are not patient to wait for one with a spider
aja then immediately move up to the way ketujuan
Submit your MSN & YAHOO
For a
and do not need to be repeated sumbit
back because this will make you get baned.


Search function is YAHOO DIRECTORY
a place where you can ad site
when you go on and
at the time of searching on at the time
anada menggunakanyahoo regular engine is not
yahoo drectory which means if you have
enrolled in a regular engine
but not necessarily diyahoo directory.
Located in a directory
and rarely in use by adventurers website.
keuntunngan it, namely:
listed in yahoo directory karenamemiliki
high quality link on your site.
addition, many searh engine akan mecari
who is connected with
you and if you have a link directory
on yahoo
points you have already retired.
some adventurers to believe that the web is
registered a padadirectory akan menaikan
ranking on google and searhengine the other.
source from:

To be listed in GOOGLE YAHOO AND MSN

1. Click to login to Blogger Layout / Layout Edit HTML ---->
2. Search Code Head or Body
Kalo dah ketemu CopyPaste code / script rainbow this link below,

To start the process follow these steps:

src="" <script type="text/javascript"> </ script>

3. Save and you see the blog, happy to try

Create Link colors

If yesterday I've covered how to create a chicklet,
now turn on how to create banners online.
The difference between a banner with the chicklet
is only visible from the design and size.
chikclet usually smaller size of the banner and
just a standard text box with the background and color.
Medium banner bisanya from chicklet do more,
with design and text font with a three-dimensional
animation or diselipkan image or logo. Make you
a hoby banner exchange, or simply want to make
a banner for your blog indentitas we will try
to make a banner using the online service from and do not worry this service free........

How to create banners online:
1. Jump to site only
2. I recomendasikan to register first. Select the menu to login, create an account
3. Click the LOGO (the top).
4. In the menu choose a LOGO DESIGN click and select your image you like.
5. LOGO TEXT in the menu title blog you write for example: "mono-trans"
6. You can adjust the font, background color as you want on the form available.
7. Click the Render LOGO.
8. You can directly get Html code by clicking the 'get html code' then direct you plug in the blog. So no need to upload more layananan third parties. To install all uda tau kan? Add the gadget to stay> html / javascript and paste the code and save.

How to Make a Banner Online

For you a new blog alias newbi, want to Make a Box Under Post Comments? Real question is this often appear in the chatbox or comments column on this blog.
Let's not have that I will try to post them, many also have post koq
a tutorial like this. From the way that I can do this is the method of
the most easy and simple, suitable for you deh a new blog. This is also
done by the o-om and kang Rohman

This feature is still in draft blogger (still in testing) actually,
as many complain about the comments on the complexity blogspot,
the team of bloggers will also fix this problem.
Blogger now allows us to install comment form (Embedded Comment Form) under the posting

1. To install the Comments Box below post (Embedded Comment Form) to login first to This regular terlewatkan often, if you login blogger akan not find the usual facilities under sematkan entry so please note for the login to draftblogger ya ..!!!
2. Heading on the blog that you will attach the commentary.
Click on Settings
3. Click the tab "Comments" after the lead-up to
"Comment Form Placement" do not forget to check on the
"disematkan under the entry".
4. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of your monitor screen.
5. Done. Please see the results, hopefully direct success.
Why? successful? or still dizzy? he .. he ..
for the success ud please stop smiling and happy to here,
but also for those who have not been successful we go the next step.
This is slightly maksa because we will delete the coding

then put back the code on the original position.
This does not delete the actual post page element,
if we will still be forced to lose settingan before.
Wahh,, ud remarkably conscientious boss! Why?
For the solution we will edit the HTML pages we,
as always back up the template you used to keep the alert in case of error.
Step # 1
1. Go to the page layout - Edit HTML
(do not forget to check the Expand Widget Templates).
2. Find the code below: (Sometimes each template
so slightly different focus to the course
code class = 'comment-footer')
<p class='comment-footer'>
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>

<a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl'


If dizziness nyarinya, click F3 then copy it
to line 1 above code in the box find the content
(usually below for mozilla), if not met try search for
"comment-footer" course, each template is different.
3. If you are met and then delete all the code above
and replace with all the code below.
<p class='comment-footer'>
<b:if cond='data:post.embedCommentForm'>
<b:include data='post' name='comment-form'/>
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>
<a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl'

4. Click Save Template button.

5. Done Step # 1, before the first rehat go!
may push up get smother dl muscle, he .. he ..

Step # 2
1. Click on Settings

2. Click the Comments tab, heading
to the placement of any posts Formulis comments,
and then marked on the radio button below to Disemat entry.
Let more clearly, the image is quasi views:

3. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of your monitor screen.

4. Done. Please see the results.

How to Create a Comment Box Below Post

Free Music

Free Music

Free Music
Appears google is posted on the first dream every website in general, but how might the new Blog we can make our show posted on the main google? how? Nach ... .. Om Shani akan share tips n triks for WordPress Mania to create a new Website with CMS's most wanted this.
First to be done is to create a blog name of a specific, unique, and focus so that search engines will easily identify your website or kerennya term Search Engine Friendly. Elections name is very influential to the success of a blog to exist still in the Maya World...........

Second, Perbanyak Post article with the quality or origin.
The more posts the more easily recognize the Blog Search Engine you,
of course you write a post must be qualified or at least
a tolerable to read.
Third, use the tags as a great way to up your rating on
the Blog search engines like Google, yahoo etc..
may have been a lot of what I do in addition
to the tags used to facilitate any posts pengkelompokan,
also plays an important role even for me is very vital
for the rating up our Blog. This is because of this tag
will link to any posts to the other the same tag so
that its search engine will assume that your blog has many links.
hehehehe ... .. His Computer is stupid!
Fourth, Perbanyak Links in other Blog.
This is still the most effective n to make us number one
website in the pages of the grandparent (google).
The more links you have to do the higher the rating y
ou achieve in the Search Engines.
Fifth, almost forgot ... ... Create a post title
that is unique, interesting and a lot of words s
earched by people. Title-specific akan make great
in your keywords so that when a certain keyword
in the search page then you are in the top Klasemen google.

Blog so that we Appears in First Page Google

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

The discussion we are accelerating the performance of computers, especially windows. We often use the computer, because we open Microsoft Word, and excel, power point, Access, AdobePhotoshop may be added again, and CorelDraw. Then we want to Winamp to listen to the music. And suddenly we hang the computer, died .
Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data temporarily in the computer, the more we open the application, the more RAM is also used. There are ways of adding RAM is to use the flash (data storage), with additional software (application) eBooster.exe, we can add RAM without having to buy new RAM......

Why is this happening?

Because the capacity of RAM is exhausted.
RAM (Random Access Memory) commonly used
for temporary data menyimpand in the computer.
This means that while the data we can only see
in the computer, but not stored in the storage
media such as hard drives, flash, and other
storage media, and if the computer suddenly
died then the data is not be displayed again.

Adding RAM

The greater capacity of the RAM we use in
our computer, it will be more and more
applications that we can open. To add RAM,
can we just buy new RAM and add it to our
computer in the slot.

However, the discussion this time, we do not
need to buy extravagant berboros-RAM, we use
the software eBoostert.exe, so adding RAM
does not need to buy new RAM but will take
advantage of flash, which we use for regular
data storage.

The greater capacity Flashdisk that we use,
the larger the additional RAM that we get.
But also more and more applications that
we can open the computer with us.
With a flash RAM, then we have 2 benefits:

1. Performance computer faster
2. We have a flash media storage

During the try ... Hopefully materials useful ...


Flash disk for adding RAM

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There are many web directories on the internet. Some of them have a berbayari and free. Both types give you the directory you want backlinks. To register a web site in the directory is not as easy as you think. You need a business, time, money (if you choose to register on a paid directory), and ready to trample you if rejected rules. Here we discuss 5 tips on how to register your website in the directory..........

1. Or paid directory free directory
As we know, we wish both direktri provide
backlinks to our website. The only difference
is we need to pay for the amount of money paid
to the directory. That depends on you.
Paid Directories usually have a link quality
is good and have good PR on their pages. That
is why they ask to be paid if they want to link from.
But if you do not have any money or do not like
to pay just to have a link to a web directory,
you can select the directory for free. Some ask
you to provide a link back on your web site and
there are some who do not. For my own, of course,
will choose a free directory that does not need
to link back. There are many free directories that
provide links to volunteer.
2. Select the correct category
After you select the directory that you want to list,
you will need to select the correct category for
your web site. Do not just sign up at the top of
the category. Usually the owners will reject the
installation directory in the top category.
But that still depends on the rules.
I will try to explain after this. For safe,
find the appropriate category for your web site
and register.
Here is one example. Say you want to register
a technology blog. Then find the Blog category
and choose from the list of Technology. But if
there is no category Technology, select the
appropriate category other. Perhaps in the
computer category. But be sure that the category
related to your website.
3. Follow the rules
Each directory has their own rules. The most
important is to read the rules before filling form.
Some directory owners to write a list of rules
you have to do. You need to read the rules carefully.
Some directories accept only UK website.
Better you read the rules first.
You do not want to just denied?
4. Title and description
After you have read the rules,
now is the time to fill out the registration form.
In the form a title, it is better to fill in
the name of your website.
Do not write any more than that.
Description is optional in the web directory.
But I prefer to put my web site description,
so that readers can see the outline of webku.
Some web directories allow you to write
as many as 500 words, some only give you 30 words.
You need to write a description of
your web site properly. Use of small letters
and capital letters should be.
The many words must be less than the amount allowed.
Then, enter your URL, your name and email.
Make sure your correct email because
the web directory will send you an email
to inform you if your link is approved or denied.
We need this information to the next tip.
5. Create a list
Once you sign up your link directory on the web,
copy the link to the web site in a text editor or Excel.
Why do we need this? This is to ensure
that you will not register your web site to
the same directory twice.
You will receive one email from the link if
you received or rejected. Use the information
on your list. If your web site received,
enter in your list.
With a list that you already have, you can
use it to register your web site the other.
Find a directory that already receive a web
site and register your web site to another directory.
But be better to have a different list for
a different web site.
That will be more organized.
Free Web Directories
Below is a list of free web directory that sudak my list.
All for free and without the need to link back from us.
Aku akan membaharui this list if I find
a free web directory with no reciprocal link.

5 Tips Sign up in the directory

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

CARA NYA di Sini:

Agar Terdaftar pada mesin pencari Google
dengan men – Submit URL Alamat anda pada
URL mereka di
cara ini bias membantu tapi tidak biasa
Di andalkan, karena google sendiri tidak
mungkin meng –add setiap situs jadi jangan heran
Kalau cara ini kurang optimal maka
Cara agar terdaftar yaitu dengan terhubung
dengan situs lainyang sudah terdaftar dengan
Google . Dengan ini ketika spider Google mengun
jungi situs anda untuk update , maka ia
Akan mengambil link yang menuju situs anda
untuk mendaftarkan nya metode ini belum
Tentu berhasil tapi banyak situs yang ber hasil
dengan cara ini

CARA NYA di sini

Kebanyakan website terdaftar pada yahoo dan MSN
karena terspider dari situs situs lain berarti
jika anda terhubung atau terlink dari situs atau
web directory ,robot msn dan yahoo akan menemukan
situs anda untuk meng updater index pencarian
mereka .
jika anda tidak sabar menunggu untuk ter-spider
maka langsung aja merapat ketujuan dengan cara
Untuk yahoo
dan perlu diketahui jangan melakukan sumbit berulang
ulang karena ini akan membuat anda kena baned.


Fungsi Pencarian DIRECTORY YAHOO adalah
sebuah tempat dimana anda bisa meng ad situs
anda pada pada saat menuju dan
pada waktu searching di yahoo pada saat itu
anada menggunakanyahoo reguler engine bukan
drectory yahoo yang artinya jika anda sudah
terdaftar di yahoo reguler engine
tapi belum tentu diyahoo directory.
Directory yahoo berlokasi di
dan jarang di gunakan oleh petualang website.
keuntunngan nya yaitu:
terdaftar di yahoo directory karenamemiliki
link berkualitas tinggi pada situs anda.
selain itu banyak searh engine akan mecari
tau siapa yang terhubung dengan
anda dan jika anda mempunyai link directory
pada yahoo
anda sudah mempunyai poin tersendiri.
sebagian petualang web percaya kalau sudah
terdaftar padadirectory yahoo akan menaikan
ranking pada google dan searhengine yang lain.
sumber dari: